Do you need a personal chef?

Have you always wanted to get more plant based-foods into your diet but felt overwhelmed when it came to changing your cooking repertoire? Would you like to come home to a refrigerator filled with delicious, health supporting meals cooked in your home? Would you be thrilled to have flavor packed, nourishing plant based soups and stews stocked in your freezer for easy meals anytime? Do you feel like the diet of you and your family suffers when you are all short on time due to a hectic work/life schedule? Would you like to have more home cooked meals to get you back on track?

If any of this sounds like you, we could be a good match.

I love helping individuals and families ranging from vegan to omnivore who either want help adding more plant based foods to their diets, or who already enjoy a plant based diet and simply desire or need the service I can offer making home-made healthy meals weekly.  I can accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions and special diets. I work from my clients' homes, provide personally tailored menu choices, and shop for all your fresh ingredients right before arriving at your home to prepare meals for the week. You come home to great smells, awesome food and a clean and tidy kitchen. If this sounds like something you need in your life every week, bi-monthly, or want to give a personal chef session as a gift, let's talk!

Want to host a Demo party?

Explore plant based foods in a relaxed and entertaining way.

Imagine: You and a cozy group of friends or family (4-6 works best, but I am flexible depending on the space), sipping a glass of wine, a "mocktail" or sparkling water while enjoying an informal demonstration focusing on a theme, ingredient, or cooking style. Want to learn some fun, fabulous and fit appetizers? Want to whip up some sweet and natural treats? Savory sides to stun your guests? Want to up your vegetarian protein game? How about something you have always been curious about? You get to nibble and taste, learn and inquire, and walk away with some new recipes. Gather your tribe and let's have a party!

Interested in One-on-one instruction?

Let's cook together! Whether you don't know how to boil water, or are a skilled home cook but need help branching out with plant based foods and new cooking techniques, I can help. Your experience is customized to your interests and needs. I often focus instruction on improving knife skills, teaching various cooking techniques, and familiarizing my clients with produce, grains and flours, legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, spices and other cooking staples, as well as offering tips for being efficient in the kitchen and meal planning. One time instruction or a continuing series can be arranged. One time personal instruction can also be a great gift for aspiring cooks! We can focus on skills, ingredients, and recipes for fun and confidence in the kitchen!