A little about me: I am a personal chef, instructor, and food blogger with a passion for whole, healthy, plant based vegan, vegetarian, and veg-forward omnivorous cuisine. I love working with food and value the relationships with my clients who welcome me into their homes and kitchens. I believe that a vibrant, hands-on, healthy food culture is a pillar of strong bodies and minds, families, and communities.

I graduated from the Chef Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute, a well regarded and groundbreaking culinary school in New York that focuses on not only teaching culinary technique and know-how, but also emphasizes the crucial link between our food systems, diet, health and healing, as well as environmental ecology. I am committed to meeting my clients at the intersection of their tastes, dietary needs, and health goals, and I look forward to each new culinary adventure that comes my way.

I also enjoy developing recipes, writing about, and photographing the food for my weekly blog post. Writing about food is fast becoming an important and rewarding aspect of my work, and I continue to explore the possibilities of interacting with my readers and community this way. Last but not least, I am the indispensable chef, short order cook, and expert snack maker to my husband and son with whom I happily reside in beautiful SW Minneapolis.