Happy New Year!

A new year always feels like a good time to make a fresh start. Sweeping out old habits can be challenging but with a little help and support, anything can be accomplished. Maybe meal time on busy nights is a chore. Maybe too many grab-and-go or takeout meals are taking their toll. Maybe you are ready to include more plant based foods in your diet but need the skills and know-how to get started. Whatever the reason for seeking change, healthful habits can take root and transform cooking into a joyous, integrated part of your life.

So, if you are ready to take a resolution to the next step, let’s create a personalized class or series of classes that address your specific interests and needs. Individual instruction can be for 1 or 2 people (invite a friend and split the cost!). Lessons range from 2 to 3 hours.

Choose topics you would like to focus on such as specific ingredients, techniques, knife skills, overall basics, spices and seasoning, meal planning, and more. Enjoy the fruits of your labors as you learn! Recipes from the class are yours to keep and make your own.

To lock in the $250 special price (for 1 or 2 people) just contact me before the end of February and set a date for your first lesson.

Let’s Cook Together!

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